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Sustaining Gains from the Polio Campaign in Katsina
  • 13th December, 2023
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Sustaining Gains from the Polio Campaign in Katsina

GGHN's Chief Executive Officer, Ass. Prof Ibrahim Bola Gobir recently paid a visit to the Executive Secretary of Katsina State Primary Health Care Agency, Dr. Shamsudeen Yahaya. The visit aimed to secure continued support for the gains made by the Polio Special Intervention campaign, which the Gates Foundation funded through the Solina Centre for International Development and Research (SCIDaR). The advocacy visit was also an opportunity to discuss ways to collaboratively leverage the local, sustainable approaches adopted for the Special Intervention to strengthen public health interventions in security-challenged locations.

During the visit, Dr. Shamsudeen praised the program's effectiveness, despite its short duration. "This program has been a true testament to the power of collaboration and the impact that can be made when working together towards a common goal. We are grateful for the support received from GGHN and are proud of the lasting impact this program has had on the state," said Dr. Shamsudeen. GGHN hopes to sustain these kinds of efforts and collaborations as the organization continues to work towards a polio-free Nigeria!